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Magnolia 2300 Yurt

Magnolia 2300 Yurt Magnolia 2300 Yurt Magnolia 2300 Yurt

– the First Energy Star Home in British Columbia, Canada

Many people dream of building their own home, but few actually bring that dream to fruition. If you’re looking for some DIY inspiration, look no further than this post — Inhabitat writer Rachel Ross proves that building a beautiful, healthy and sustainable abode is well within your reach. Rachel, who is a design consultant and co-owner of Mandala Homes, worked with her husband on creating not one, but a series of sustainable and ENERGY STAR rated yurts that fully embrace their beautiful wooded site located in Nelson, B.C., Canada! Jump ahead for Rachel’s first-hand account detailing both the process and design, and get motivated to get your own yurt going!” | read & see more photos at Inhabitat

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