Indigo Evolution New Year’s Eve 2016
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$ 200.00
02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
From 31-12-15 to 03-01-16

Indigo Evolution New Year’s Eve Arts & Music Festival 2015/2016 : The Northern Rivers of NSW’s annual, open air festival, held in the Australian Summer on the amazing 3rd Eye Home camp just over 1 hour from Byron Bay.

Three days of festivities with the stars above your head and the earth beneath your feet. Expect an array of creative expression, from uplifting music of many genres, inspiring art and performers. Comfortable chill spaces, with plenty of food stalls and amenities, 3rd Eye Productions hold family friendly gatherings with a tight security team present, if needed.

  • 3 Days.  Massive International Guests. * Massive amounts of festive fun.
  • Art, performance, installations, workshops, Kozmic Kidz Space

and more

  • WhenDecember 31 – January 2, 2016
  • Where : 1.5hrs from Byron Bay, Northern NSW